Air Conditioning Upstairs

We moved into our home later in the summer last year, and when the AC didn’t turn on upstairs (even though the inspectors said it worked), we had a choice to make: funnel who knows how much money into the AC or gut out the heat with some open windows and use the money elsewhere.  Fixing the AC lost.

Now we have a new addition on the way, and from what I’m told, babies don’t really gut unpleasantries out very well.  In fact, I’m told they do the opposite of gut unpleasantries out.  With our due date in August, we decided it would be a good idea not to test this theory, so we hired someone to come fix the AC!

Much to our surprise, it didn’t cost too much to get it up and running again, but the door had barely closed behind the AC guy when I noticed a few of the vents didn’t have much air coming out.  I climbed into the attic with a sigh (because it can never be just that easy) and immediately felt cool air jets.  I am not quite sure why I was even remotely surprised that the ducts needed attention but knew right away my night (and possibly a couple more nights) would be spent in the attic.  Fortunately for me, most of our attic has blown insulation scattered about from our roof replacement, so I could either get serious fiberglass skin rash or wear jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt…  Neither was a great option.

But we need AC, so three hours and almost an entire roll of duct AND foil tape later, our ducts will probably make it through the summer without needing to be replaced.  However, spending quality time in a 130+ degree attic does have its perks – I probably lost 5 lbs of water weight in one night!



Notice how I actually have a shirt on underneath the long sleeve shirt.  Yeah, it was hot up there.

But the good news is that my pregnant wife is happy and cool, and as they say, Happy Wife, Happy Life!

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