Shenandoah Valley Farm House

And So It Begins…

Well, it looks like our 5-year-down-the-road-plans were meant to be 5-month-down-the-road-plans.  Glad we got the architect to draw them up last fall because since then, we’ve had no less than 3 burst pipes in the bathroom upstairs that have leaked into the kitchen.  We keep replacing the old, disintegrating copper pipes with PEX parts but David and I finally decided that it’s time to just replace all the pipes… and if we’re going to replace all the pipes, we will need to do some demo anyway… and if we need to do some demo, we might as well demo all of it and rebuild it per the architect’s drawings.

We met with our contractor, Lucio Castillo (who is EXCELLENT by the way), and came up with a plan of action.  First: demo an old fireplace that used to heat the upstairs hallway that has long been covered up by drywall, which will give us space for a master closet.  Then we create the master closet so we have a place to put all of our clothes that are currently in the excessively large laundry room.  Next: demo the bathroom/ laundry room/ linen closet/ hallway area.  Next: install a new washer and dryer so we have laundry functioning again.  Next: rebuild a master bathroom, and finally: create a new bathroom by Evie’s room.  She’s still not potty trained so her bathroom takes the lowest priority of all the upcoming projects.

A lot has already started so I’ll be able to share some good pictures with you soon.  Let the games* begin!!

*And by games, I mean dust.  Let the dust everywhere begin.

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