Backsplash for Tub Area

I spent way too many hours over the past few weeks looking at Houzz, Pinterest, Google Images, and so on for ideas on how to design the tile surrounding the tub/ shower area.  I stopped at numerous home places in Charlottesville and most of the time was just shocked by the expense of the tiles that I liked.  There are so many expensive tiles out there… definitely never knew that.  Finally, David and I were at Lowe’s for another reason and we checked out their tile selection– and we struck gold!

First of all, they had these 6″ square white tiles that were only $0.46 each.  Score!  That was definitely in our budget.

white square tile


Next, for some added interest, I convinced David we needed a decorative border.  We found these tiles with a small black center for only $3.99 a square foot.

black and white tile



To complicate things, though, I didn’t like the black tile inside, so we found this mosaic tile to cut apart and use in place of the black.  We only got one sheet for $9.98.

mosaic tile


Lastly, to make the decorative border complete, we picked up some trim to frame the border.  For the bottom part of the trim, we picked up this cute white polka-dot-esque tile for $1.80 a piece:

white trim


And to frame the upper portion of the decorative border, we go this chair rail type trim for $2.15 a piece:

chair rail tile




We brought all the tiles home and got out our handy dandy X-acto blade.

First we cut apart the black and white tile sheet into strips and started cutting apart the mosaic:



Next we popped out the black tile in the middle of the black and white strips and replaced them with the lighter colored tiles from the mosaic.  When we put it all together…



(Like my little sketch of how I want it to turn out? Hehe)


We’ve got some more cutting away to do… but I’m excited to see how it will all turn out!  Fingers crossed my spur-of-the-moment design at Lowe’s looks good on the walls and not just in my head!




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