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Sade Family (89 of 170)-2Before we actually moved into our farmhouse, we hired Jason from Henderson Fence to install an awesome fence in our new backyard area.  This was high on my list of things to do because even though we live in the country, I wanted the freedom of letting my dogs out and not having to worry about them running off.  (Plus, while we don’t have kids now, the fence will be around for a while and it just felt safer to have a fenced-in yard.)

I had a long list of things I wanted in our new fence:

1) Up to pool code in case we decide to invest in renovating the big hole in the ground that used to be a pool (pictures to come later, I promise)

2)  Tall enough to contain dogs but not block the views

3) Temporary fencing in the area between the house and the brick outbuilding because I eventually want to build a brick wall (with a gateway) in that area

4)  The preliminary structure for a tall deer-proof fence in the area by the garden shed that we can use as the fence of a future vegetable garden (by eventually building the other 3 sides of the square garden fence around the garden shed)

5)  Double gates that would allow a riding lawn mower and a truck access to the back yard and the back field behind it ( just in case!  You never know what construction projects will arise with this old of a house)

6)  Single gates that would allow us to access the well spigot, the front yard and the future garden

Greenhill schematics


Jason truly did a fabulous job.  Here’s a snippet of the deer fence for the future garden:


He basically just did a regular fence but used vertical posts which are 8 feet tall so that eventually we’ll install more horizontal boards to make it really really tall.


IMG_1649And above is a picture of me riding our John Deere lawn mower with the garage in the background.  You can see more of the fence in this shot, including the gate that’s wide enough for the lawn mower or truck to enter the back yard if necessary.


I’ll share more pictures of the fence once we have it painted.  Here’s my question to anyone reading this– what color would you paint the fence: white or black?  Please help us make up our mind and leave us your ideas!

2 thoughts on “Backyard Schematics”

  1. Heike Heitmüller

    I wouldn’t paint it. Or perhaps you could paint in the red of your garden shed or white. But I don’t like black!

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