Bare Naked House!

I feel like I’m about to expose our house to you without any make-up on!

Look, Ma, no shutters!


If things look very overgrown, it’s because they are.  We are blessed with an abundance of poison ivy, poison oak, Virginia creeper, and honeysuckle among other things.  (Love the honeysuckle though!)DSC_0299


I haven’t written in a long time and I have a very good excuse: things have finally started happening around here!  With the presence of both contractor crews on a regular basis PLUS multiple weekend/ weekday visits from family and friends helping out, we have a lot of progress we’ll be sharing on the blog in the coming weeks.  I’m so excited!  First and foremost is the absence of shutters outside.  The shutters weren’t exactly in the best condition (or the best color… red against a red brick house isn’t my taste) and it kind of depressed me every time I drove home.  Even though it is purely aesthetic and we’re pinching pennies big time right now, I convinced David it would make me SO happy to not have to see those dilapidated shutters every day.  So our contractor took them down for us and is in the process of painting them!



I’ll share pictures of the freshly painted (and back up on the house) shutters soon!!!



In the meantime, thanks for bearing with us/ being patient as we update the blog when we can.  I’m so happy there is progress now but it means there isn’t as much time for the blog right now!

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