Tucked Away Cabin in the Virginia Foothills

This beautiful historic Virginia farmhouse is a treasure to get to share with y’all. It’s not only amazingly decorated but it’s got an even better story to tell. This is definitely one of those “oh, if walls could talk!” houses because you know it’s seen a lot. A stunning cabin in Virginia has it all.

Cabin In Virginia Front Porch

steps going up to farmhouse front porch

Situated in the foothills of Virginia south of Charlottesville, it’s owned by a beautiful couple (both inside and out). We’re lucky to have known Alex and Jacob for years now and they are crafting an amazing life together at this charming cabin-turned farmhouse. Look at how beautiful the front porch is that makes you want to pull up a chair and relax.

front porch of historic virginia farmhouse red door

Staircase Full of Character

Once you’re inside the house, the original structure is a very obviously old log cabin. So many farmhouses in Virginia started out this way and get covered up as different owners make their mark over the years. What I love about this house is how much has been kept original.

staircase of old cabin with plants on the steps

Alex’s dad first came to this farmhouse years and years ago, before Alex was born, as a single guy in need of a job and a place to live. He happened upon a generous woman who said he could stay in this old farmhouse while he worked. She warned him that there was no electricity or indoor plumbing. He took her up on it. close up of staircase in old farmhouse with wood walls and plants

Years later of him pouring his heart into this property, he eventually bought it from the woman outright. He ended up building a new house behind it up a hill (where the view of the Blue Ridge mountains literally takes your breath away). This sweet farmhouse sat waiting for its next occupant, which ended up being Alex and her amazing partner Jacob.

Open Living Room

brown leather couch in eclectic farmhouse living room

Alex and Jacob have really made this farmhouse into a cozy home. (In the photo above, you can see the built-in home for one of their iguanas, Lucy. Because why not.) The finished product practically bursts with personality and you know every piece of furniture or decoration has a story behind it.

living room with white vintage mantle and faux brick wall

This living room is my favorite part of the house. There’s so much interesting detail to absorb and it’s somehow calming at the same time. That brick wall in the back behind the fireplace mantle is a simple wallpaper by the way– how cool is that?

You’ll notice quite a few guitars around their home. That might be because the Jacob of “Alex and Jacob” is none other than Jacob Paul Allen (https://jacobpaulallen.com/). We’ve gotten to see him perform live a few times now… he’s incredible!

worn wood floors next to fireplace with guitar on hearth

Jacob’s not the first musician to rock this farmhouse. There are still a few neighbors around who remember stories about the former inhabitants, and one of the legends is that there used to be frequent dances and music in the living room. That’s why the floors are as uneven as they are now!

uneven worn down antique wood floors next to stone

Alex said they’ve been professionally sanded down and refinished, and this is the “after.” 🙂 Can you imagine the before? I love it so much!

Large, Cozy Kitchen

Another super cool feature of this house is this log cabin wall separating the living room from the enormous eat-in kitchen. Check out the old logs used to construct the wall– look ma, no chinking!

log cabin walls without chinking

(Chinking is that putty that goes in between the logs. Definitely a word not used as much in 2021 as oh, say, 1791, but I kind of want to incorporate it into my vocabulary more.)

When Alex and Jacob were renovating, they decided to leave the chinking out of this part of the wall to allow some light and air to get through, especially where Lucy’s cage is on the other side.

This room is huge. It used to have a shorter ceiling for the floor for the second story, but that is now gone and it goes straight up to the roof. It’s spacious and so, so cozy. I love the old floorboards below– so much beautiful woodwork throughout this home, but the floors are especially awesome.

red kitchen cabinets in historic log cabin

Everywhere you look there is something sentimental to Alex and Jacob. I wish I could write about each piece they’ve chosen to surround themselves with because each one tells a different story and is important to them for different reasons. In the below photo, they honor Jacob’s family’s story by showing the cabin his parents lived in once upon a time.(Photo:http://www.lukayphotography.com)

I love how they’ve decorated each surface. They’ve made it all feel so welcoming.kitchen island with bar stools in log cabin farmhouse

Jacob is a hunter and it’s pretty cool to have the perfect environment to display his deer. They look awesome against the log cabin wall.log cabin dining area deer mount

log cabin interior with deer on wall

Downstairs there’s a bathroom, a laundry room/ pantry, and Alex & Jacob’s bedroom, all of which are perfectly rustic and fun in their own way. I took so many photos and it’s been hard to narrow it down to the favorites. Upstairs is a totally amazing space I just have to share.

Upstairs Loft Area

wood staircase in historic farmhouse

Check out allllllll these beautiful details– from the quilt (handmade by Jacob’s mom) to the wood ceiling. She used the same brick wallpaper as downstairs and it works so well!loft of historic farmhouse

This entire upstairs space is full of the same vintage finds that are all over Alex & Jacob’s house. I love how they intermingle modern with old. (I’m also super impressed with how many thriving plants there are, given how I can barely keep my very few plants alive. But that’s a whole different blog post, isn’t it?)
plants on stand in front of window with orange walls


An incredibly fun detail upstairs is the wood floors showing where the come together where a wall used to separate them into two rooms.

upstairs cabin bedroom with antique hardwood floors

I love the seam between wood boards! I also love that the wall is no longer there because it creates such an open floorplan upstairs, but man how cool to see the history.

Country Living Side Porch

This is an utterly charming country porch that will give everyone the desire to move to a farmhouse in a big green field. Oh and maybe get a dog. And an iguana.side porch of old farmhouse with red metal roof

I love the charming turquoise color Alex chose for this little porch background. (It’s the same turquoise as the porch swing on the front, love bringing it all together will little touches like this!) The wide step going out to the slate walkway is so beautiful. Alex’s green thumb really sets it all off!

rustic decor of old farmhouse porch

Most of what Alex & Jacob use to decorate their home has been found on the property or given to them by family members. Every item has a cool backstory attached to it. The coolest part of this farmhouse isn’t the actual stuff inside (although you’ve got to admit it’s pretty stellar how it all comes together). The importance of family is a value that Alex & Jacob clearly hold dear. Seeing such a strong emphasis on their family through the prominence of how they display items throughout their home is inspirational and loving. After all, as Alex & Jacob’s farmhouse clearly shows… at the end of the day, love is what it’s all about. To see more farmhouse tours by A Farmhouse Reborn click here >>

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