Charleston Green Shutters

When people find out David is from Charleston South Carolina, they usually ask him why he ever left.  I get that.  Charleston is an amazing, amazing town for so many reasons… the history, the elegant architecture, the friendly people, the beaches… I could go on.  I’ve heard it called a “24/7 cocktail party” and that seems to make sense for a place where you just have to relax and feel like you’re on vacation all the time.

But since David and I purchased what we hope to be our forever home in Virginia (NOT Charleston), I am always eager to incorporate any kind of Charlestonian-type stuff into our lives.  When we decided to repaint the shutters, my first thought was “[easyazon_link identifier=”B000BZX2M2″ locale=”US” tag=”farmhouse020-20″]Charleston Green[/easyazon_link]!”

What is Charleston Green?  It’s black.  Well, mostly.  It’s black with a tinge of hunter green when the sun hits it just right.  According to what I’ve heard, after the Civil War ended and Reconstruction began, Charleston had massive amounts of black paint but didn’t want to paint the whole town black so they added a bit of blue and yellow to it to lighten it up (marginally).

Here’s what Southern Living has to say about Charleston Green:

charleston green


So for my Thursday inspiration post, here are some pictures of Charleston Green shutters from Houzz and Google Images!

from googleimages


Aren’t they all so pretty?!  Hopefully, our shutters will look great once they’re Charleston Green, too!

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