Well, we got another curveball thrown our way!  My plan was to tear down a random wall that kind of closed off part of the kitchen once our contractor deemed it not a supporting wall.  (The wood paneling around this section of the wall had water damage, so that part had to be replaced anyway.  I figured I might as well open up the space by doing away with the whole thing!)

Well, once our contractor finished taking down the walls, he realized that there is in fact a huge steel pipe running through the middle of the entire thing– it in fact is the sewer pipe that runs from the upstairs bathrooms to our septic tank!  (Why not have it in the middle of the kitchen?  Makes perfect sense!)


Our contractor pretty much said this steel pipe isn’t going anywhere unless we want to spend mega-mega-bucks, which we didn’t exactly budget for in our $9,000 to redo the kitchen.


Side note: we got a stainless steel fridge!  It was advertised on my work’s bulletin board and we picked it up for $300.  Woo hoo!  Works great so far!

Anyway, if you’re reading this, what are your ideas?  Should I just reinstall a wall around the steel pipe as there used to be?  I’d be grateful for any and all ideas…


2 thoughts on “Curveball!”

  1. If you have to put the walls back around it, could you give it a raison d’etre, like shelves for cookbooks or spices? Can’t really tell where it is in relation to the rest of the room so that might not work…

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