Dark Green Paint Colors Inspiration: Colonial Williamsburg Paint

Hi!  I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July.  We just got home a few minutes ago from a wonderful week with family in Charleston, South Carolina.  There are few things better than watching your kids laugh with their cousins on the beach or while playing together as they eat their breakfast!

On the topic of Charleston, I couldn’t help but notice the signature Charleston green color throughout the “holy city” during our visit.

If you’ll recall, we used this color to paint the shutters on our house a few years ago:

I love our shutters and getting that hint of green when the sun hits them!

Lately though, perhaps inspired by our trip, I’ve been contemplating using a shade of this color to paint the inside of our dining room, so I wanted to share what I’ve got in mind…

SO… as you can tell, my taste is definitely in greens that are not quite as dark as Charleston Green but certainly have some weight behind them.  After some more searching I came across the one.
 “Colonial Verdigris,” which is another Williamsburg paint color by Benjamin Moore, jumped out at me when I happened to scan the Benjamin Moore website looking for dark green paints of note.  (If you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll remember we love using Williamsburg paint colors… our kitchen is done in Capitol White and Russell Green, for example.  We tried out Sherwin Williams’s competing historic color for our hallway called Classic Ivory but for our family room we went crazy and chose a color based on how we liked it rather than its historical significance, gasp.)
Next week I will share the progress with you because– EEEEEE– we’ve hired a painter to prep the walls in the dining room and then paint them!  I am so, so excited!
Alright, in the meantime, better unpack and sleep while my kids sleep… I wish everyone a week full of hope, health and happiness.

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