Demolition of the Sun Room


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Evie gave us a lot to be grateful for last night by sleeping 9 hours… she’s such a champ.  😉 Anyway, thought I’d share with you some pictures from a little while back of the demolition of the sunroom!  If a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll let these do most of the talking for this post:DSC_0546

We kept the outline of the roof because it’s cheaper than tearing it completely down.  The walls all went, though.  (This all happened a while ago and I’m just now blogging about it– sorry for the delay!)




The dogs have been so awesome throughout construction.  We had a contractor and his crew here probably 2x/ week for sporadic hours at those times (according to them they were here every day for weeks on end, HA.) and so we had to crate the dogs inside to not get in the way.  We never knew which days the contractors would show up so the dogs were crated all day regardless, poor things.


Can you see the back porch slowly taking form!?  I can!



Hiring someone to do something like this is frustrating beyond belief but we had so much going on (what with Evie and all) that it seemed to be the right idea… jury’s still out on that.  Anyway I will post more pictures of the progress once I get a chance!

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