Edloe Glades

Rolling Countryside of Amherst County, Virginia

I am excited to get to share yet another Amherst County farmhouse with you this week: Edloe Glades, built in 1826. Nestled in the foothills with distant views of the Blue Ridge mountains, this brick farmhouse exudes so much character from every angle.

The 1826 portion of the house is the middle (you can kind of see the brick changes on either side). Edloe Glades was built on a land grant from the king of England originally totalling approximately 10,000 acres. The most notable resident was Beverly P. Morriss (1822-1903), a pharmacist who ran a practice out of an outbuilding on the property. Blind, his trusted horse guided him into town. Over the years since then, people have found several apothecary bottles with braille labels.

Mature Boxwood Gardens

Over the years, as tends to happen with larger estates, the owners sold off portions of the land.

In the 1950s, the Early family (Harold + Lillian) purchased the then-derelict house. They worked to fully restore it and added additional wings and outbuildings.

They were successful cotton farmers whose primary residence was in Arizona. After the repairs were completed, the Earley family spent summers and falls in Virginia and escaped to Arizona for the colder months. As the family grew to love their Virginia homestead, they worked to repurchase neighboring land until they had amassed 10,000 acres, the original footprint of the “King’s Grant.”

Front Porch

Lillian was a tremendous lover of antiques and almost fully outfitted the house with treasures she found from France. She is also reported to have frequently shopped in the French Quarter Antique stores of New Orleans. She arranged to have her purchases shipped by rail to Virginia.

The Earley/Scott Family maintained ownership until 2020, when Chloe and Doug Cubbage purchased it. As self-described “Zillow obsessors,” Chloe and Doug loved sending each other fun links to houses for sale. Doug decided to surprise Chloe on a date by taking her to Amherst. He scheduled a tour of Edloe Glades with a realtor, and as they toured the property, they both knew they had to figure out a way to make this amazing place theirs.

Chloe has spent countless hours making this house into their home, and the end result is utterly amazing.

Wallpapered Living Room

I don’t think I’ve ever walked into someone’s living room and been struck completely speechless before. This house’s living room literally made my jaw drop.

The wallpaper was like this when Chloe and Doug purchased the house, as was the pink trim. Chloe told me she furnished the entire house for under $10,000, mostly relying on Facebook Marketplace or thrift store finds. The below piece of art was a thrift store find, which she told me seemed to represent 2020:

Ohhhhh what a year to buy a house! I’m sure Chloe and Doug will never forget it!

Chloe’s style is so fun. She decorated the lampshade below by stamping a potato in pink paint. I love that creativity– and how high end it looks with that wallpaper as a backdrop.

The woodwork details are in amazing condition in this room. I wouldn’t have thought to paint it all pink, but it really comes together so beautifully in here.

When the house was originally constructed, there was a wall separating the hallway with the staircase from the living room, but the Earley family took the wall down at some point to open it all up. It is so spacious and almost feels more like a modern build layout than a historic 1826 design.

When Chloe and Doug made an offer on the house, it was conditional on the chandeliers staying– and I see why!

This crystal chandelier is mesmerizing. The whole room seems to reflect its perfection. I love the distinguished and refined feel it gives.

Also: have you ever seen a pink front door in a historic home like this? It’s so perfect!

Lilac Master Bedroom

On the main floor across from the living room is probably the most opulent master bedroom in the state of Virginia. Behold, Edloe Glade’s master bedroom:

Again, I wouldn’t have chosen the wallpaper or the accompanying lilac paint for the trim, but wow does it work for this room!!!!

Hats off again to Chloe for seeing the potential in this wallpapered room and decorating it so tastefully. The result feels classic and timeless. Her eye for detail kind of makes me believe in how some people and houses were always meant for each other; I get the sense she was always meant to live here and allow this house to really shine.

1950s Master Bathroom

David and I had the chance to travel to Cuba a few years ago, and as soon as I stepped into this master bathroom, I immediately felt like I was in Havana again. This master bath was likely remodeled in the 1950s with the best at the time and hasn’t been redone since. I love everything about it.

To show you the kind of amazing people Chloe and Doug are, Chloe is currently rehabilitating a hen (“Beaky”) in her bathtub. Chloe apologized for the messy bathtub while I was there, as she mentioned how hard it is to keep a maroon tub clean. (I can’t say I’ve ever had to think about a maroon tub! It cracks me up!) Beaky seemed pretty happy with her maroon surroundings, not going to lie.

Thoughtful Wallpaper

One of my favorite features about this house was the beautiful wallpaper throughout. Leaving the master bathroom, there’s a hallway with a beautiful textured trellis wallpaper that I couldn’t help snap a photo of, even though it’s just a hallway.

Odin’s Room

A sweet Great Pyrenees is the newest occupant at Edloe Glades and he couldn’t be more grateful. Odin literally smiled for the camera when I snapped him in this gorgeous room, which Chloe jokingly referred to as his room because in the winter it doesn’t manage to obtain much warmth. It’s just perfect for a Great Pyrenees with a full coat of fur!

The floors used to have a carpet on top, but Chloe ripped it out and painted this stunning black and white checkered floor herself on top of the subfloor. She told me it’s more of a “proof of concept”– that eventually she’d love to have marble or something fancier than a painted wood floor here– but for now, it is honestly stunning as is.

Obviously in the wintertime it’s not the most ideal of guest rooms, but for the rest of the year, wouldn’t you love to cozy up in this space?

Cozy Party Room

A back staircase takes you from the hallway with that beautiful textured wallpaper down to a space clearly built with entertaining in mind.

There’s a little kitchenette area that is totally charming.

Again, I love the little details of how this house has been decorated. It is all so intentional, which makes it feel special and particularly inviting.

The kitchenette area opens to an amazing den where you can physically feel the good vibes.

I know a pandemic isn’t the best time to try out a room like this, but once this whole season of life is behind us, I fully intend on inviting myself to some kind of Great Gatsby-esque party in this room! You just know it’s going to be awesome!

This room has double doors from New Orleans that open up to a patio in the back of the house.

New Orleansy Patio

I’m so impressed with the respect Chloe and Doug have chosen to highlight in their choices as they furnished Edloe Glades since purchasing it. They are really following the house and decorating as such. I love the way this outdoor patio has white wrought iron furniture that perfectly complements the double doors going into the Great Gatsby party room (yes that’s officially its name now).

Chloe and Doug joke that “she” owns them and tells them what needs work. They feel they are stewards to a magical corner of the world and love nothing more than sharing it with old home enthusiasts.

One-of-a-Kind Kitchen

Just off the back of the house is a kitchen I’ve never seen anything like (in the US, that is) before.

The artist behind the cupboard door artwork was apparently pregnant at the time and had the desire to paint the cupboards by hand. She was clearly talented. It’s reminiscent of Scandinavian or Dutch interior design to me. As with the rest of the house, I wouldn’t have chosen it, but I’m in awe of the outcome.

Chloe chose a simple clear table for a kitchen island. Hats off to a design choice that doesn’t try to compete or match the cabinetry.

Downstairs Hallway

Connecting the kitchen to the rest of the house is a fun hallway with red lively striped wallpaper.

Some of these photographs are family members of Chloe and Doug, and others are thrift stores finds who Chloe felt sorry for. She felt the need to “adopt” these old photos and I can’t get over how much I love it.

A previous owner in the Earley family handpainted these foxhunt scenes that run along the staircase woodwork. Such a fun detail! (And kudos to Chloe and Doug for keeping them up!)


Underneath the staircase is yet another seemingly perfectly preserved 1950s bathroom. This one is a half-bathroom and it’s just so sweet!

Kids’ Room

On the top floor of the house there are two large rooms and one bathroom. One of the large rooms is for the kids, which works so perfectly:

And on the other side of the house, the other large room is sort of a spare room (with storage, which I’m really impressed by and jealous of for such an old home!).

Upstairs Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom is so charming and again 1950s. Clearly the big renovation in the 1950s has stood the test of time! It’s amazing to me that everything works so well (and especially that the wallpaper is in such good condition after all these years).

I love this view looking out over the 100+ year old boxwood garden in the front.

And the cute bathroom storage here:

Back of the House

This house just keeps going and going left and right.

I particularly love all of the outdoor spaces to sit down and gather. (As does Odin, apparently.)

Peaceful Pastureland

The house not only came with wallpaper and painted kitchen cupboards, but also six (mostly geriatric) un-rideable horses!

This outbuilding is a workshop area now, and the window in front is especially charming.

Chloe grew up riding and said she’s always dreamed of owning her own horse; now she has six, but not exactly the condition she’d dreamed of. She is a patient caretaker and obviously loves these sweet horses so much.

Aurora (who let’s be honest really runs the show here at Edloe) is perfectly happy on one of the beautiful brick walkways in the back. The brick walkways struck me as being in excellent condition. Apparently the house’s real moment of glory is in the late spring when the 30+ peony bushes around these walkways and driveway bloom.

I think I will forever be in awe of the respect for this house Chloe and Doug clearly have. Houses just aren’t made like this anymore, and it would be so easy to strip this house of so many things that give it character in order to make it feel “stylish.” What they’ve done instead is choose to follow the house’s design and the overall effect is absolutely brilliant. It is warm, it is inviting, it is elegant, and it is, of course, historic. As we old house lovers know, our ownership of these beautiful places is temporary, and God willing, the house will be around long after we’re gone. Chloe and Doug are exemplary historic Virginia farmhouse owners because of the way they appreciate the house’s story and the way they’re shepherding “her” forward to make a cozy, happy family home.

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