Fairview Amherst County

Fairview in Amherst County

In the absolute most perfect setting with pastoral views, rolling hills and Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains in the background is a unique 1867 brick Italianate farmhouse known as Fairview. I have had the privilege of seeing many beautiful Virginia farmhouses and I’ve never seen one like this. Welcome to Fairview Amherst County in Virginia.
Fairview in Amherst County


Brick Italianate Exterior Fairview in Amherst County

Fairview has an incredible three-story tower set at a 45 degree angle to the rest of the house. What I especially appreciate is how the tower is not centered in the middle of the house, but kind of in one of the middle quarters of it. So. Much. Character. The design is unlike anything I’ve seen in a Virginia farmhouse before.

Fairview in Amherst County house

italianate brick house with cream and green trim and bushes outside

front porch with brick walls and green shutters and trim with black rocking chairs

The front door is in the side of that tower, coming off of a beautiful arched column porch.

I love the front door’s mat with the property’s name on it.

Front Hallway

This place sure knows how to make an entrance. The current owner, Jennifer Kilgore, told me the house had only been on the market for 2 days when she put an offer on it in 2000. It was a bed and breakfast before she purchased it but it needed some renovation, which she spent years doing. She now operates it as an AirBnB.

Jennifer has no formal interior design background yet perfectly decorated this home to feel comfortable, luxurious, and classic.

The front hallway morphs into a back hallway going to the back porch. To one side of the hallway is the sitting room/ dining room/ kitchen, and to the other side is a spacious bedroom with en suite bathroom.

Elegant Sitting Room

The sitting room is elegant with so many beautiful pieces of art hanging on the walls.

I love this little side nook where I absolutely want to curl up and read a book.

Formal Dining Room

Through the living room is a beautifully appointed dining room in a more formal setting.

Notice the huge window panes throughout this house– it’s one of my favorite things here. The windows are first of all not the same throughout the house, which I love because it adds so much character, but also the panes are so expansive. It helps take in the gorgeous views.

Friendly Farmhouse Kitchen

Tucked to the side of the dining room is this welcoming kitchen just exuding warmth.

I love the brick floor especially.

Butcher block countertops, no upper cabinets, copper farmhouse sink, and gorgeous vintage white lower cabinets combined together have a breathtaking effect.

Lest we forget the view we’re working with here, let me zoom in on what you see from the kitchen door:

Full Bath Downstairs

I love this elegant bath downstairs with the clawfoot tub.

Since this bath is on the main level and there’s a window (with enormous window panes again), Jennifer cleverly figured out a way to give the space some privacy.

Downstairs Bedroom

Here’s the luxurious bedroom downstairs. I love the Italian influence throughout the interior design, keeping it in the same period as the exterior architecture.


If you’ve been following my house tours for a while, you know I love checking out the staircase details. They’re always fun for me to see, and Fairview did not disappoint.

Once you reach the upstairs, the floors are a bit uneven and worn down (they are in most old houses I visit, and I LOVE it). The heavy gold accents combined with the well worn floors make the upstairs feel indescribably grand.

Upstairs Bedrooms

There are many well decorated bedrooms upstairs.

One of the bathrooms has been installed in the tower in the front of the house. Look at how smart this sink is tucked in the corner!

The details upstairs are just as beautiful as the downstairs’.

One-of-a-Kind Third Floor

Behind a folding bifold door (this is the second one of these I’ve ever seen, the first being in the Shenandoah Valley!) in the hallway upstairs is a hidden staircase leading to the third floor. I’ve always loved the idea of a staircase going to a secret third floor… it seems so cool.

And cool this third floor is. On one side of the third floor is an enormous bedroom (with really fun windows). This house just has the best windows.

Look at the tall, beautiful wood ceiling. Isn’t this just dreamy?

Reading Tower

On the other part of the third floor is the tower from the front of the house. It is way cooler inside than I could ever ever imagined. There’s are beautiful windows, a daybed against a wall, and on the other interior wall an amazing Beauty-and-the-Beast-esque wall of bookshelves, complete with a ladder on rails.

This is the breathtaking ceiling:

If I lived here I think I’d probably never, ever leave this room. It’s designed for the ultimate bookworm and it is absolutely incredible.

Back Porch

The entire house of Fairview is just awesome. It’s hard to pick a favorite part. I love how the brick has never been painted and sits so comfortably in this Italianate style.

The acreage surrounding the house is stunning as well. Jennifer actually has 3 Russian wolfhounds (just like our Kaiser, except hers are not rescues but actually purebred) and the best part is her fields of rescue horses.

So if you have the pleasure of getting to visit Fairview in person, this is what you get to be surrounded by. Absolutely beauty in every vantage point.


What a beautiful existence.  <3

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