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Looking to Buy Chickens?


Great incubating poultry heater. Perfect 24h heat source: heat source does not emit any visually detectable light, would not disturb pets sleep. Scratch-resistant covered clamp.

chick feed

Chick Starter Grower is crafted with vitamins & minerals for healthy growth and sound development. 18% protein to support weight gain and muscle development. 

laying hens feed

All-natural ingredients added to promote vibrant egg yolks. A blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes to support digestive, immune and health function.

chicken coop

Weatherproof Asphalt Roof. Chicken coop with nesting box & Unique design UV Proof Run Panel for chickens, rabbits and other small animals to enjoy the sunshine.

portable chicken pen

Maintenance free and easy to clean. 10 year warranty. No tools required, easy to assemble. Use as an independent structure, or attach to the ecoFLEX Fontana Chicken Barn

feeder and waterer

Keep Your Chicks Safe | Anti tip design means your baby chickens will be warm and dry, which is essential for their survival. 3 height options.

chick treats

Healthier Feathers. Stronger and Healthier Eggshells. Snack for Chickens. Easier Round Up. No additives. No preservatives. No sprays. 100% natural.

Kids Farming Accessories

kids gardening gloves

Soft and durable latex coated palm with non-slip wrinkled texture are slip proof, power grip, stain resistant and provide a levels of puncture resistant and waterproof on working. They are reusable rubber gloves with long cycle for kids.

kids wheelbarrow

Just like a full-size wheelbarrow, this toy features a seamless steel tray with no-scratch edges to keep your toddler’s fingers safe. It also has real wooden handles, steel undercarriage and a durable molded wheel.

kids gardening tools

Each kids garden tool is constructed of real metal, with a durable high material plastic handle. Includes 3 pieces: a trowel, rake and shovel. Pack of 2 sets with different colors. These are a great hit with the kids.

kids watering can

Suitable for home, garden, yarde, greenhouse or office plants. Made of high quality iron material, durable and safe to use.

kids handsoap

Prebiotic liquid hand soap keep skin in healthy balance by promoting growth of good bacteria. Natural liquid soap with a fruity scent

kids chicken eggs apron

An alternative to traditional tools with our stylish and functional aprons. No more carrying a basket or juggling eggs.

kids sun hat

Breathable, quick-drying,lightweight and comfortable wear. Adjustable chin cord. Moisture wicking sweatband, wide brim hat.


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