dining room with wood furniture and dark green painted walls, light green painted ceiling, and beige oversized fireplace mantle

Farmhouse Dining Room with Green Walls

When we first bought our farmhouse, the dining room was two layers deep in wallpaper with a really funky 70s style fireplace mantle. It wasn’t exactly our style. We immediately took off the wallpaper only to accidentally take up some of the plaster from the walls underneath off as wall. Horrified by the damage to the walls, we used the dining room as a storage room for a few years (since we have a lovely eat-in kitchen anyway). In the back of my mind, though, I always dreamed of a dark green dining room with a beautiful fireplace focal point. We finally got the dining room walls professionally re-plastered, painted, and moved the storage stuff out right before the pandemic. (Then the dining room became a homeschool room/ home office space. Of course.)

large empty room with striped wallpaper and tiffany light ceiling pendant

In any case, I realized I never shared photos on the blog of how this space turned out. I love the end result!

After: Farmhouse Dining Room with Dark Green Walls

Behold… our dark green walls for our farmhouse dining room:

The walls are Benjamin Moore’s Colonial Verdigris, the ceiling is Benjamin Moore’s Russell Green, and the fireplace mantle is Benjamin Moore’s . The trim is Benjamin Moore’s Capitol White (the same white as all the trim in our house and our kitchen cabinets). By the way, yes there is a little hole in the wall to the right of the fireplace mantle. We did it on purpose to expose the lathe and plaster (and horsehair!) which we discovered when we replaced the plumbing and tore holes in all the walls.

There are two horse prints on either side of the window above, and they belonged to David’s grandfather. I love that we have something of his in this room. They seem to fit perfectly.

Also– how gorgeous is that china cupboard against the wall? It belonged to my grandparents. It was in their dining room, but by the time I was born, that room became a sitting room, and my family spent maaaaany hours in that room laughing together. I smile every time I see the cupboard. I really hope to pass it along to my own grandkids one day with their own happy memories associated with it.

We had this fireplace mantle custom designed by a local carpenter. I gave him a photo of my grandparents’ fireplace in the den at their former 1790s farmhouse in the Shenandoah Valley (btw, see that whole farmhouse tour here!). He changed the design slightly because our opening was not as wide as theirs. Their mantle has 5 panels above the opening and ours has 3, but otherwise, I honestly can’t tell the difference. I absolutely LOVE love love love this. It makes the whole house feel more historic. Obviously the house is historic, having originally been built in 1850. However, it underwent an awful renovation in the 1970s. So many of the charming historic details were removed and replaced with 1970s decor. This mantlepiece feels like it belongs here and could have been here in the 1800s.


So there you have it, everyone! Our dining room! Aaaaand now I’m off to finish packing. We only have a few short days until we depart our beloved farmhouse for England. I’ll write more on that soon, promise. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Farmhouse Dining Room with Green Walls”

  1. Love the green color you chose. The mantel is beautiful as well as the furniture. How special to have a family heirloom. ❤

  2. Hi Lynne!

    I came across your blog while researching Benjamin Moore’s Colonial Verdigris. In our case, I’m thinking of using it in our bedroom and first came upon your bedroom post with the super dark Colonial Verdigris. Now I’m looking at your dining room and wondering, “Is this really the same color?!” lol. Are your dining room and bedroom indeed the same color? The dining room looks *so* much lighter! Is that just because of the light coming into the room? (Oh so many questions). Thanks so much, in advance, for your answer (and any insights you wish to give).

    – Lisa

  3. HI Lynn, it’s me again. You may have read my comment and wondered, “What does she mean, ‘are my dining room and bedroom the same colors’?! I’d seen the old post of you taking up your sisal rug (the one that stuck to the floor) and, for some reason, put that room in the ‘bedroom’ category. The fact that it isn’t has me reframing my original question, “Is the green in this post the same, original green from the ‘dark green walls and messy floors’ post. The newly painted room in that post looks SO much darker. I’m kind of digging the possibility that they are indeed the same color. It means the lighting throughout the day will make for some interesting tones on the Colonial Verdigris walls…

    Thanks again, and apologies for causing any confusion!


  4. The farmhouse dining room with green walls is a true delight! The rich hue adds a refreshing and inviting atmosphere, while the rustic elements and cozy accents complete the charming farmhouse aesthetic. Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiration!

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