Floors Are Refinished!!


David and I had the most amazing weekend in Nashville, Tennessee visiting his sister and brother-in-law for Memorial Day!  We left on Friday night and spent Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday relaxing with them and seeing their beautiful city.  We got home really late last night and were absolutely thrilled that our contractor showed up like he said he would and, voila!  He refinished the floors that his team scratched up!!DSC_0296


(Don’t look at the bad paint job on the risers.  But do look at how beautiful the wood is again!)



The hallway just seems beautiful to me now, even with that blue trim everywhere.



There are still some scratches visible from their carelessness earlier this year, but honestly it’s not too noticeable.  I’m okay with them because the small ones are all gone (at least as far as I can tell) and there’s nothing we can do about the big ones anyway.



The guest bedroom (above) floors really turned out beautifully.


I’m so excited this actually happened.  Talk about great– go away and come back to a big project DONE without begging and pleading.  This is just the stepping stone I needed to make me feel confident things will get done around here again… we can do this whole renovation thing after all!  :)

4 thoughts on “Floors Are Refinished!!”

  1. Hooray for you for saving the original floors. You will be so glad that you went to the expense and trouble. Hang in there. This too shall pass. Renovation is tough, tough, tough,,,, been there, done that.. Brighter days will be ahead. Great job so far. Keep it up…..

  2. May I ask who you used to refinish your floors? We need to have ours done before we put our old house on the market. We would love a good recommendation!

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