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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!!!!!  I’m so excited to join your club soon.  :)

Things have really been happening here in the past few days.  The faucet for the vessel sink finally arrived!  The sink is installed in the bathroom (along with the toilet), and we hung the mirror and installed the lights too!  David even finished priming the walls/ ceiling and put on the first coat of paint.  Since we aren’t finding out the gender of our baby, I wanted a neutral color for the walls.  It’s a guest bathroom for now but eventually– God willing– the guest room will become another child’s room and so I wanted something a boy or girl would like but also be sophisticated enough for a guest room in the meantime.

I decided to try out the “runner-up” to the family room.  (Remember when we were deciding which yellow to paint in the family room?)  We still haven’t painted the family room yet because of plumbing/ heating issues downstairs, but we did decide on one of the C2 paint colors.  The second choice was Farrow & Ball’s “Hound Lemon!”  We picked some up from a cute shop in downtown Charlottesville called Palette and David gave it a go.  Here are some photos after one coat (I wanted to see how one looked before committing to the second):

DSC_0304 DSC_0305 DSC_0306 DSC_0307


I think the sink turned out really well!!!!  Not bad at all for an antique store find and a vessel sink from Lowe’s :).  We still have to paint the second coat and add the accessories– I’m thinking a green shower curtain?– and I’ll be sure to share with you after it’s all finished!  Shouldn’t be too long now!

3 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Update”

  1. Firstly, congrats dear!! So when is it going to be? I was looking for ideas for sink vanities and I dropped into this blog. I loved the idea of bringing antique style in the whole setup. I will certainly make a small change, if I were you. It’s just that the enclosure around the vessel sink might leave a space were spilled out water may get stored and it won’t be easier to clean. I might be wrong, but instead of the enclosure, if the surface around the sink is plain, it would be a lot easier to clean the spilled out water.
    Our bathroom renovations are going on but are stuck with the old rusty pipes, especially that of our tub. I’m not good at doing the rusty ones, and I think, it is best handled by good plumbing repair services.

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