Half-Bath is DONE!!

The half-bath downstairs is done!!  It took a while to finish the last few touches, but with some more help, it is the first room we can officially cross off our list!  Plus, thanks to my brilliant wife and some very helpful family, we did it for just $318:

Sink: $118 from www.wayfair.com
Faucet: $53 from www.overstock.com
Floor: about $10 from Lowe’s
Mirror: $100 from www.homedecorators.com
Lighting: $37 from Lowe’s

Other websites say renovating a half bathroom can cost around the $5,000 range, so I would say we redid ours quite affordably.

Here is the original bathroom:

Half Bath Before

And here is our beautiful finished product:
photo (13)
It certainly feels good to get one room totally done, even though I know there are a ton more in need of help 🙂  But those other rooms are for another day; today, we celebrate!!!

5 thoughts on “Half-Bath is DONE!!”

  1. Just beautiful… Looks like a totally different room, and what a savings by doing it yourself. Congratulatins… You SHOULD celebrate. A big milestone in the farmhouse’s rebirth!!!!!

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