Hi! & Decorated Master Bedroom

Hi friends!  Goodness has it been a while since this blog saw any action.  I hope everyone’s enjoyed having winter in the springtime… I know we haven’t… we are soooooo ready for warmer weather and being able to be outside.  Hopefully today’s snow was the last for the year!  In the meantime we’ve been pretty busy trying to stay busy until the weather’s nice enough for the kids to run around outside/ David and I can start projects again.

I thought I’d share some pictures of how the master bedroom has developed over the past few years.  If you’ll remember, I shared some pictures a few years ago when it kind of came together.  And since then we’ve changed it up a bit.

So here is what it looks like now:

The biggest change is probably adding the dark blue curtains.  I feel like they really made a difference by anchoring everything down, if that makes sense?

The next obvious change is the pictures of our kids, since they weren’t there before.  🙂  The two on the wall were taken by Jenn Boutet in Charlottesville and I adore seeing them every day!

My mom gave me an old vanity that belonged to my grandparents and I love having it too.

My mother-in-law gave us the beautiful rocking wooden rocking chair that I have rocked both of my babies in.

Here are some other photos of how the rest of the room has come together:

We just got a new duvet cover (which inspired this blog post) from the Yves Delorme outlet in downtown Charlottesville, which is having an awesome sale right now where I got this 80% off.  YAY!

The best part about the bed, of course, is being able to see that picture window from it and looking out into the mountains.

We painted these letters when we painted the nightstands years ago.

And of course, the new doors we installed when we put in two new closets.

I am so grateful for all the groundwork we laid into getting this bedroom done BEFORE we had a toddler and a baby, because everything that happens on the farmhouse these days is very incremental at best!

However, that being said… stay tuned because soon I am going to have a fun update to share after this weekend!  <3

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