Inspired to Take On the Pool?

The first time we came to look at this house, the sellers had a photo album of the house in its glory days and this is one of the photos from the album:

old pic of pool


Aaaaand here’s what the pool looked like before we moved in:


We did a ton of clearing around the pool area but it was still pretty crazy.  We took the below picture of David “going for a dip” shortly after we moved in:


sade in the pool




And to help give a visual of where the pool fits in our backyard, here’s a panorama from last fall:photo (6)


In the winter, we paid a tree guy to come get rid of some of the dead branches in the evergreen (pine) tree next to the pool.  We told him he could just toss the dead limbs in the deep end and we’d burn them in there.

Remember that scene from Fantasia where Mickey is the sorcerer and he gets the broomsticks to draw water from the well for him?  Well that’s kind of how I felt last winter when I got home from work.  The tree guys were hauling huge massive pieces of tree trunk into the pool and it was overflowing with pine!   Apparently the tree was rotten at the core and the whole thing needed to come down, so the men thoughtfully put the whole tree in the pool.

Here’s a photo of Kaiser we took that evening– he loved having a place to sit!

photo (8)


And… drumroll… here’s what the pool looked like:

photo (7)


Our plan this whole time was to fill in the pool– it’s obviously not functioning anyway and it’s not more than a big safety hazard right now.  But then… we found out we were having a baby with an August birthday!  (Hopefully, although at this point the baby seems content never coming out!)  And summer birthdays = pool parties, right?  So then we were kind of torn about what to do with our ditch in the ground pool.

We spent the weekend at a local resort celebrating our anniversary (and celebrating our time together, just us, before the baby comes) and the majority of that Saturday was spent relaxing at their pool.  And when I say relaxing, I mean relaxing.  We had suuuuch a nice time– we even took naps in the pool chairs.  It totally inspired us to want to fix up ours!  We don’t have the budget for it any time soon (which is fine, because I wouldn’t want to host a birthday pool party of babies or toddlers anyway) but one day we will turn that back into a pool, mark my words!  :)  Maybe we’ll even be able to get that mountain view back, too!




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