Let It Snow!

Hope everyone has been safe in the blizzard!  Our house got quite a good amount of snow over these past three days and we’re just now starting to shovel our way out… which may be a while!

2016-01-23 16.43.39
We took these pictures yesterday while it was still coming down.  I think total we probably got around 2/ 2.5 feet of snow– but it was so windy here that we have some snow drifts that feel more like 3 feet!

2016-01-23 04.17.09

David and I have been celebrating the (so far) ongoing electricity– we thought for sure we’d lose power and we are so happily surprised to still have it!  This is awesome!  Even if we lose it as a result of my jinxing it right now, the fact we’ve had it this long is way better than we thought.

2016-01-23 04.16.38

However, as you can see from the front porch, our washer quit on us two weeks ago and on Friday morning our new washer and dryer were delivered.  They’re still on the front porch.  So we are laundry-less at the moment but that’s fine!

Looks like all the work on the little brick building has come to a stop… and in the meantime… we’ve got some sledding to do!

2016-01-23 16.38.12



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