Making New Rooms Upstairs

More renovation progress to share!!


Here’s what the inside of the former doorway to the hallway looks like plastic-ed over.renovation_masterbath

And as you can see from the pic below, we have new support beams for the new walls.2016-02-27 09.52.00

Now HERE is where it gets super exciting:


Above is a photograph taken from the master bathroom-to-be of Evie walking through the laundry closet-to-be into her bathroom-to-be!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.16.24 PM

(Recap of the floor plans so you can follow where Evie is and where I am, taking the picture.  I was standing probably in front of the sinks in the master bathroom.)

In the picture below, you can see David holding Evie at the end of the hallway.  I’m taking the picture and standing in the master bathroom-to-be, but a lot of the drywall has gone up!!!

2016-02-11 12.55.40

Here’s a close-up of the linen closet-to-be!

2016-02-11 12.55.15

And below is a close-up of the laundry closet-to-be!!!

2016-02-11 12.55.05

BOOM!  How about that progress!!

2016-02-11 12.55.29

The rest of the walls (ie for the bathrooms) aren’t even up yet, but the ones that are look great!  Will share more soon I promise!

4 thoughts on “Making New Rooms Upstairs”

  1. Hi Lynne,

    I sent a comment on another part of your site. In case you miss that one, I wanted you to know that my great grandfather built your lovely home in Ivy. I was the third generation who lived there. I am very grateful that the house has owners who will restore it back to its heritage as a real family home. If you would like to know more about its earliest history, do send me an email

    Best wishes,
    Peggy Simms

    1. Peggy I just sent you an email. This is incredible!!!!! We’ve spent hours upon hours at the Albemarle County records department trying to figure out the history but it’s too murky after around 1915 and we can’t make sense of it. Looking forward to learning everything you can tell us!

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