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Remember back when I said we wanted to move the bathrooms around upstairs and changed the master bathroom into an en suite guest bathroom?  Well the first part of that plan– making a guest bathroom that’s no longer accessible from the master bedroom– is complete (woo hoo!), and we’ve moved on to the second step of that plan: making a doorway from the master bedroom to the future master bathroom!

(Please don’t judge at the clutter, stuffed animal, or piles of laundry on the bed in the picture below.)DSC_0315

Above is a picture of the new doorway going from the master bedroom to the current hall bathroom.  (It is accessible from the hallway too.)  We found an extra door in the laundry room that presumably was used between the laundry room and hallway– there’s no doorway there now– so we just decided to repurpose that door and eventually we’ll give it a new home here!DSC_0317Above you can see the new opening from the hallway to the bedroom.  Crazy!  (Meriwether loves jumping back and forth between the hallway and the bedroom, as you can see.)  We didn’t do this ourselves as we were terrified of messing up, but since our contractor was able to do it in less than a day, in hindsight we probably would have been okay.

Below is a close-up of the opening.  Look at all those fun layers of wallpaper!



After we hang the door in its new home, we’re not going to touch anything and just leave the bathroom as-is for a while.  We’re eventually going to hire an architect to help us reconfigure the master bathroom/ laundry room/ hallway area, but that won’t be any time soon!  We just decided to put the doorway in now because I want to paint the master bedroom soon and figured it would be more convenient to do it once, plus this way all the dustiness is over with before baby comes in August.  One more thing crossed off the list…. YES!

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