Meriwether’s New Hobby



Yep, that’s right.  She likes to bring live birds in through the hole that used to be the floor of the half-bathroom.


DSC_0317The first time we caught her red-handed was yesterday, a snow day.  We were both home and sitting in the downstairs heated room (aka the family room– the upstairs heated room is our bedroom) when we heard the cat messing around in the study through the wall.  David went over to investigate, and I freaked out thinking it was another bat or squirrel.  Fortunately, it was just a bird, and out it flew after a few coaxing swats.

DSC_0325But the cat’s hobby didn’t stop yesterday after we put plastic all over the hole in the floor.  I don’t know how, but today when I got home from work I saw feathers all over the upstairs.  They were on the floor, on the bathroom sink, on a windowsill, and one even on a pile of dirty clothes waiting to be washed once we have water back.  I called David and told him there was probably a carcass upstairs and I was heading out to run a few errands, when I heard something rustling our bedroom closet.  Turns out Meriwether didn’t kill this bird either– she let it go and it decided to make a home in our bedroom.  (Yippee.)  I closed the door and ran away and when David got home, he coaxed it out of the window too!  Lots of excitement around here… haha stay tuned for what wild animals we find in our home next!  🙂



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