More Demolition

I thought I’d share more kitchen demo with you tonight!

IMG_1574Here’s a picture of the double wall oven and wall cabinet (you can see the dining room peeking through in the background) with the cabinet doors removed.  David’s been taking out the wiring in the ceiling and inside the cabinets, I’ve been taking off the cabinet doors, and we’ve both been taking out the Lazy Susans inside.

IMG_1573Another photo of our kitchen mid-demo…

IMG_1576Our sunroom became a trash purgatory– all of the cabinet doors, Lazy Susans, and other stuff that wasn’t going to stay in the kitchen but we hadn’t loaded up in the car to take to the dump yet.

Here’s a picture of when we started to remove the stovetop.  A not-so-welcome surprise: we found out the reason there’s just a stovetop and not an oven is because the stovetop sits on top of brick and concrete– an old brick oven, we believe.  Because this required the use of a jackhammer, we gratefully paid our contractor to remove the rest of it.

IMG_1623Look!  No wall cabinet anymore!  The not-so-welcome surprise in this demo was that the tile didn’t continue all the way to the wall, but hopefully when we replace it with the built-in wine rack you won’t even notice.

IMG_1624This picture is of the former stovetop after our contractors took out the brick oven for us.  The plus: it was all done in 1 day.  The minus: there is dust in every inch of my house.

IMG_1626This is a wider shot that kind of helps put the kitchen in perspective.  It’s taken from the sunroom.  You can see the former wall cabinet space, the former stovetop, and the same hole where the fridge is supposed to go.

IMG_1628We were happily surprised that the tile came off the brick with just a spatula-tool-thing (chisel?  Is that the right word?) and a hammer.  The tile shattered in a few places but overall it wasn’t too bad.


Things are progressing, slowly but surely!  While we’re both so blessed to have full-time jobs, it’s hard finding time to work on the house.  When we get home from work we’re both pretty tired and weekends seem to be a delicate balance of relaxing/ exploring Charlottesville/ chores like mowing the lawn and laundry/ house renovation work… but hopefully we’ll get the hang of it soon!







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