Mud Pit– I Mean– Driveway Update

CHECK THIS OUT.  It’s our new mud pit!  (If you squint your eyes and use your imagination, you can see that it’s actually a new driveway in disguise.)

It loops through the brick columns same as the old driveway did, but it instantly goes uphill.  We didn’t remove any of the old asphalt from the old driveway– they just put dirt right on top of it to cover it up.  This was part of the scheme for proper grading too.  We were happy with this– way cheaper than digging up all that asphalt and hauling it off!

The mud pit extends pretty much for the entire front portion of the house all the way to the garage.  As you can see below, there is some heavy duty machinery hanging out here.  (Meriwether too, apparently.)

Below you can see where the driveway curves around and will eventually make an exit back to the gravel road.

Here’s an even clearer picture of where the driveway will go.  What’s that, you say?  Boxwoods in the middle?  Yes, we will be physically transplanting a few of my most beloved boxwoods to various other places in the front yard.

Meanwhile, this is what the future parking area is looking like:

So. much. dirt.

And then here’s what our house looks like as you drive, er, walk in the dirt up to it:

The most important thing is obviously the grading of the slope away from the house and down the hill so rainwater doesn’t continue to affect anything, and that is the top focus at this stage in the game.  Up next, laying the gravel!!!!  Eeeeeek!

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