My First Pool Fire

Yes, a pool fire is quite a strange concept, but that is only because you are probably thinking of a normal pool… You know, with water!  Our pool was not so lucky and was actually filled with tree instead.  (Our pool)

So after a little over a year of trying to figure what to do with a tree-filled pool, we finally mustered up the courage to do something about it, and as you can guess from this post’s title, we burned it!

(But don’t worry, we got a burn permit and notified our local fire department and took all the precautions one does when burning an amazingly combustable pit of seasoned wood.)

There was so much wood, we actually had to burn it twice (and still didn’t get it all)!  The fires were spectacular and definitely an interesting spectacle…

Starting the first fire under the puppies’ supervision of course:




Things starting to “heat up”:




Come nightfall, it was clear the first burn would not be enough:




The second burn (guest appearance by my brother-in-law, Andy!):




There is still probably a full third burn still in the pool, so if anyone is interested in coming to visit and help, let me know!!!


Next stop, an estimate to get the pool resurrected (*shudder*)!  Stay tuned…


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