New Garden Shed Roof- Part 1

Our goal this spring was to get our garden area ready for a garden, and while that might not quite happen, we’re at least working toward it!  First things first: fixing the garden shed.


Here are some photos I snapped a while back of the garden area with the shed.  (Note: the tall fence posts are eventually going to be part of the garden fence that hopefully will be too tall for deer.)DSC_0065

As you can tell, the roof is in pretty not-good condition.


The garden area was a leeeedle bit overgrown but we spent a lot of time this past summer/ fall/ winter clearing it out piece by piece.


Anyway, flash forward to present time now!  We hired a crew to replace the roof on the garden shed.  They told us they recommended a steeper pitch anyway, so we said go for it– and now we’re in the process of having a new garden shed roof!  Yippee!


The demo of the old roof was almost embarrassingly fast.  So fast that I couldn’t even grab my camera in time!  Then the crew started putting on new support beams.


(Yes, the tree branch from the ash tree is still there, haha)



Then the crew hoisted up all of these big triangles they constructed on the ground.  They were a bit too long so they cut them to size.




After the support beams were trimmed to the right size, they started fitting some plywood to put on top.



Almost done!  And then I think I want to paint the garden shed too… can’t let this project be too easy, after all. :)


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