New Kitchen Sub-Floor

If you look closely at the floor in the picture below, taken a few months back, you’ll observe a startling feature: the floor dips about two inches to the right!  It’s definitely two distinct levels that kind of slope together.

DSC_0296 - Version 2

That’s because the two sub-floors are two different materials and two different heights.  To the left, the sub-floor was wooden.  To the right, the sub-floor was soapstone.

We decided to remove the old wooden sub-floor (which was caving in/ rotting from the damp crawl space underneath) and replace it with a new one made out of MDF.  The other advantage to replacing it was we got to cover up those air conditioning holes in the floor that are no longer needed.


(Side note– don’t you just love how much more room there is with the stone hearth gone?!  So excited!)


Yes, our kitchen looks like a battlefield.  And yes, everything is absolutely covered in dust.  (And by everything, I mean every single thing in our entire house.)DSC_0309

To ensure a totally level floor, we decided to cover the soapstone with the same boards and give the whole kitchen a uniform sub-floor.  What a novel idea!  DSC_0308


It’s not pretty but it’s getting there!  I’ll be so glad once Evie’s walking to have a level floor.  Talk about not taking that for granted!


4 thoughts on “New Kitchen Sub-Floor”

  1. Aw, too bad about the soapstone.

    I admire you two for your determination and creativity in up-grading your house. It’s looks amazing.

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