New Roof On the Back Porch


Hi there!  Hope everyone’s 2015 is off to a great start!

These pictures are old but I hadn’t gotten around to posting them yet so here goes: we have a new roof on our back porch, and we stained our French doors!

Keep in mind, we didn’t do this part of the renovation ourselves.  We’ve got too much on our plate right now but we had to do something about the sun room (remember how it needed a new roof, A/C and heating, insulation, new windows, and new doors?) so we decided to hire someone to tear it down and put a back porch in its place.DSC_0314


I love the color of the doors, but as I’ll share with you in a later post, they’re not going to stay that way.  (Total cliffhanger, I know.)DSC_0315

Originally, David and I wanted to make this into a back porch/ deck on top combo because the view of the mountains is soooo good from the window above the porch.  But we started budgeting it out and to make the roof sturdy enough to be a deck is pretty pricey, not to mention the decking material/ railing.  Plus the current layout upstairs doesn’t allow for easy access to the would-be deck area, so while we know eventually we’ll have to hire an architect to help us redesign the master bathroom/ laundry room/ bathroom off of Evie’s nursery, we won’t be rearranging those rooms for a while.  All this to say… we went with a cheap roof for the back porch that will last us (hopefully) 20 years.  If you are in the market for a new roof, Colorado Roof Toppers can help you decide which roofing material and installation method would be right for your home.

Basically we decided to postpone the rooftop deck idea until we know what we’re going to do upstairs.  And we don’t know what we’re going to do upstairs yet because we are saving up for an architect, which won’t be at least until 2016.



So in the meantime, why not enjoy the back porch with a cheap functional roof?!


Here’s a view of the new roof from upstairs:DSC_0309




Exciting, isn’t it!?  I’ll be sure to post more pictures of progress later, I promise!

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  1. That porch is going to be a favorite spot for everyone as soon as the weather improves and gets a lot warmer. Great job and idea….

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