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Hi, y’all!

A few weeks ago, my husband, David, and I took the next big in making our dream a reality – we bought a new house!!  It is absolutely amazing. This house has all the country, Southern charm I always hoped I would one day have in my home, but there is one slight problem. Almost every single room will need moderate to major renovation to make the house comfortable.

The beauty of this problem is we have the opportunity to make the house our very own. The downside is of course the time and money necessary for that to occur.  We’ve never done anything like this before. We have literally no idea what we are getting ourselves into– but we’re sure busy getting into it!  We decided to start this blog to chronicle our journey though the renovation process of restoring life to this gorgeous, gorgeous 1850s farmhouse in central Virginia, and I hope you enjoy!

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To see what our house looked like when we purchased it in 2013, click here.

To see what our house looks like in 2022, click here.

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  1. Joy & Miles Pinniger

    We were enchanted by Lynne & David’s delight in their new beautiful home. It is a home of dimension and legacy. The way we see it, the biggest challenge to our newly-wedded couple isn’t the wiring or the roof or the kitchen…it’s the pacing of all of the projects so that the house doesn’t overwhelm the young pioneers! Some say when so many rooms need work, to just tackle one room at a time, lest the enormous expenditures of time, energy. & money fail to satisfy the new owners that progress is truly made.
    Congratulations to two people who’ve the wisdom & love and respect for each other, and plenty of courage, to make this house your home. xx

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