Nursery Update- Walls Done, Doorway In!

Progress in the nursery!

First of all, the wall are all done and painted!  I chose a color for the walls from Mythic Paint again (just like the ceiling) called Ivory Pillar.  It’s basically off-white with a hint of beige to it.

ivory pillar

Here are some photos of the painted nursery that I snapped at night and then forgot to retake in the light (ugh, blame it on pregnancy brain?).photo (3)

I decided to try something new and paint the walls in a matte finish (to help hide the uneven-ness from the patches the contractors did) and the trim in the exact same color but in a high gloss finish.  I would never try this in any room but a nursery, but for a nursery, I want it to be as if there are no edges in the room… everything’s soft.

photo (4)

So, in addition to painting the walls, we decided to do something else to the walls– put a big hole in one of them!DSC_0320

That’s right, folks!  We created a doorway from the nursery into the laundry room.  There’s logic behind this move, I promise!  Since the guest bedroom now has an en suite bath and we intend to turn the current hall bath into a master en suite bath, the nursery will be without bathroom access.  We decided (eventually) to add a small bathroom coming off of the nursery so that each of the three bedrooms upstairs has its own bathroom attached.  However, we’re nowhere near motivated or rich enough to try and figure out how to add a bathroom any time soon… this will probably be years away.  In the meantime, we decided to add the doorway to save the dust and trouble of adding it once we have a baby/ toddler in that room.  Plus it is VERY convenient to the laundry room, and something tells me we’ll be making frequent trips between those two rooms!DSC_0321

Above is the view of the doorway hole looking into the nursery from the laundry room.

We found an old door from Habitat for Humanity for $20 (see the picture below) and soon we’ll hang it and be done with the walls!  I love having the nursery come together… not too much longer before it will be truly complete with our little baby in it!DSC_0322

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