Painting the Family Room- Part 1



Remember a while back when we were deciding on a yellow paint for the family room?  I blogged about it back over the winter and asked for opinions!



I am pleased to say we finally decided on a yellow: C2‘s Shine!  (In the top picture, it’s the second from the left… closer to the window I guess is another way to say it.)

c2 shine


C2 is a Canadian paint company that specializes in high quality paints.  We’ve used Benjamin Moore in the kitchen and master bedroom, Farrow & Ball in the guest bathroom and half-bathroom, Mythic Paint in the nursery, and now we’re trying out C2!

When our friend Lizzie was visiting (and primed the whole master bedroom for us), she also primed the blue fireplace in the family room.  It took her a while because of the little keys but at least the first coat of primer was done!

After she left, we didn’t do anything with the family room other than buy the paint and then life kind of got in the way of us (and by us, I mean David) painting.

David’s mom and two sisters were in town visiting, and while they were here, they decided to extend their visit by a day so they could tackle painting the family room for us!!!



As you can see from the photo, it took a lot of prep work covering up the blue paint (the fireplace is as Lizzie left it with one coat of primer) and getting the room situated so that the walls were free to be painted.



David spent time priming and getting the room ready.  We’re big fans of Zinsser 1 2 3 primer:


It does a good job in our opinion.

Anyway, after two coats of primer over the blue and one coat of primer over the rest of the walls, the yellow started making an appearance and I’ve got to say I love it!


Doesn’t it look great so far!  My mother-in-law Rinne and sister-in-law Ansley killed it, as you can see above.  Since this house was built in 1850, we’re very aware the walls are not straight and the mouldings not perfectly level, so sometimes we had to get creative for painting…


(Yes, that is my sister-in-law Liz using a Q-tip!)


Anyway, we’re not quite done with it yet but stay tuned because it will look FABULOUS once it’s all finished up!!!



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