Planting New Dawn Roses

On par with feeling the baby’s first kicks a few weeks ago, our wedding day was probably the happiest day of my life.  It was perfect– our closest friends and family together with us as we said our vows under a beautiful arch made by my cousin May.

wedding arch

Is my cousin talented or what?!  I can’t believe she made it all by herself.

photo 2
photo courtesy of Andrea Ward

We love the arch May made and rooted it in our townhome in Alexandria above the fence gate.


When it came time to leave Alexandria, we didn’t even discuss the possibility of leaving the arch behind (although one potential buyer requested that it stay– sorry!).

photo 1
1 year Anniversary

The arch made the voyage to Charlottesville and sits proud above one of our fence’s gates here too!  We quickly realized there was a big difference between the breeze in our Alexandria yard (non-existent) and the breeze in our Charlottesville yard (very powerful at times).  Needless to say, our arch began losing some of the cool branches May twisted together, and we decided that instead of enclosing them with a bunch of wires, we would plant a climbing vine that would grow over the branches and glue them naturally!

I headed over to the cutest place in Charlottesville, Ivy Nursery, to get their opinion on what to plant.

ivy nursery
courtesy of

The garden ladies who worked there decided the best climbing vine for us to pursue would be a climbing rose (due to the sentimentality of the arch) and of all the rose varieties, that the New Dawn would be best!

Here are some pictures of the New Dawn climbing rose from the internet that I thought were just lovely:

Climbing miniature roses gowing over an arch as a cat walks by. New Dawn Rose 2 New Dawn Rose 3


So anyway, I picked up two rose bushes along with some organic Rose Food and pay dirt from Ivy Nursery and David planted them over the weekend!


The rose bushes were very prickly, as David soon realized… clearly we have no experience with roses but we’re looking forward to learning how to do this!DSC_0307

PS: we are fully aware we have been slacking on the fence painting.  Procrastination on this one all the way!


Wish us luck with our freshly planted New Dawn roses!!!  Here’s hoping they’ll make a lovely addition to our wedding arch!

4 thoughts on “Planting New Dawn Roses”

    1. Hi Jenny,
      One side is thriving!!! It must get just the right amount of sun. It’s probably 4′ tall. The other side is about the same size it was when we planted it. Once there aren’t feet of snow on top of them I’ll try to remember to take pictures and share an update with you. 🙂

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