Porch Ceiling


Sorry for the long gap in blog posts.  I returned to work this past week and it’s been crazy!!  Anyway, here are some pictures of progress on the back porch– now we have a ceiling!DSC_0490


You can still see the stuff from the old ceiling in there:DSC_0491

And the new beams:DSC_0497


We decided to install two ceiling fans and four [easyazon_link identifier=”B01LYF5YPM” locale=”US” tag=”farmhouse020-20″]recessed lights[/easyazon_link] into the ceiling… here’s the wiring for them:


And behold the wiring and half of the ceiling has beadboard up in the picture below!  (We really like beadboard in this house.)  Liesl, our sweet Hovawart doggie, is photo bombing the pic below.DSC_0499


Another glimpse of the work in progress:



So then we had these holes in the ceiling for a while… DSC_0502

And now— check it out!  Painted with ceiling fans in!


The dogs love it and so do we!DSC_0528


It’s exciting watching our house transform before our eyes, but oh my gosh… renovation is not for the light of heart.  There are some major stresses that go with it.  Dogs, for example, especially large black scary watch dogs, don’t do well with contractors.  And there are tools and sharp things everywhere, meaning even when we can let the dogs out of their crates, we always have to watch them and make sure they don’t step on/ eat something.  Then of course there’s the dirt and dust in every inch of your house– even where there’s nothing happening!  I will say it’s pretty exciting and I sure hope it’s worth it!

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