Porch Swing Wine Glass Holder

With the porch bed swing hung, we were close to getting some use out of our new furniture…but something was missing.  I couldn’t quite figure it out until I tried to give Lynne a glass of wine while she was hanging out on the bed.  There’s no place to put your wine glass!  Unacceptable!!

So I set about creating a wine glass holder in the arm rest.  As one does in such dire situations.  It is actually pretty easy (give the right tools), but the novelty of the whole thing is just awesome.  It is worth, however, unhanging the swing for stability’s sake.

To decide where to put it, I estimated where one’s arm would generally rest on the armrest and chose a spot about two inches forward of that spot.  Then pencil the lines that you are going to cut out to help visualize.  The shape of the holder will be like a lollypop, so I made the “stick” about half an inch wide and will use the drill to make the circle (where the glass will eventually rest).

A jigsaw probably would work best for the first cuts of the holder, although I will warn that my usual “intentionally cut too small and gradually widen” methodology doesn’t work well on this one!

The shape will be like a lollypop with the wine glass eventually resting in the circular part.


The circular part of the holder I didn’t even try with the jigsaw because it seemed just too small, so I grabbed a larger drill bits to take care of that job:


You mustn’t forget to check the sizing of your new feature, however!  I almost forgot to do this, and as it turned, out, I initially made it slightly too small.  Would have been so sad.


Once you have the sizing right, simply sand…


And enjoy!



Now have fun impressing your friends with your cool new swing feature!!

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