Priming Progress

Thought I’d share the latest updates!



The above picture was taken right before our contractor used self-leveling cement in the oven area.  At this point, we had finished priming the sink cupboard and we painted in the inside of the upper one “Russell Green.”  I think it might be a winner!  Still kind of hard to tell though.  After the cement was laid, the carpenter came and installed cupboards (with drawers and doors!) for the built-in microwave and storage to the left of the oven.  You can see me getting to work on that below:IMG_1658Can you see what the doors will look like?  Simple paneling– I love them!  (Side note: David was a creepster and totally took that while I was singing to whatever music we had blaring at the time.)


(I had to show a pic of him drinking a beer while priming the top of the pantry!)

Below is a better shot of the top of the pantry.  Inside the pantry you can see the little built-ins our carpenter did for us for our wine chiller– how cool is that?  He’s talented. IMG_1666

Once we’re done priming the frames of the cupboards themselves, we’ll move on to the doors.  Our carpenter is delivering doors to us as he makes them so we’ll have plenty to keep us busy!


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