Priming the Master Bedroom

Our sweet friend Lizzie came to visit us for a weekend, and you won’t believe what she did when she arrived! It involves priming the master bedroom.


Not only did she bring me a delicious Ritter Sport chocolate bar from Germany, but she primed our ENTIRE master bedroom.


The walls soaked up a whole gallon of Mythic Paint primer (meaning I was able to sleep in the room that night with no fumes whatsoever!) and Lizzie patiently primed while David removed the last scraps of wallpaper from the edges.  I sat on the bed with my feet up drinking water… oh the joys of third trimester pregnancy!


Above is the wall behind the bed with the new door leading to the soon-to-be master bathroom.  Hasn’t been trimmed out yet but you get the idea.

We are unbelievably grateful to Lizzie for all her hard work while she was here!  Lizzie, if you’re reading this, you ROCK!

The next step of course is choosing a color for the walls… this will be tricky.  Two of my aunts are coming to help figure this out (they’re both paint color connoisseurs, truly) so stay tuned as the room progresses!  Can’t wait!

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