PSYCH! …Or, replacing all the plumbing

Remember how David and I said we were done with the half bathroom downstairs?

Direct quote: “It certainly feels good to get one room totally done.”

Well the universe threw that back in our face when our contractor started working on replacing all of the plumbing this past week… so before we go patting ourselves on the back ever again, we’ll know of the universe’s ability to scream out “PSYCH” to us as loudly as it pleases!

Half-Bath Half-Bath Half-BathWe went out of town for a nice 3-day weekend while the contractors were busy tearing things apart (we knew we wouldn’t have water at home anyway!) and looks like it might be a while before we get water back…


Yep, I’m upstairs in the what-used-to-be-called master bathroom and can see straight to David in the half-bathroom downstairs!

Just a glimpse of life in an ongoing construction zone…

Front Yard

The best part of all of this: soon, we will have dependable running water.  THANK GOODNESS!  It’s supposed to snow a bunch here in Charlottesville tomorrow, which means the pipes would have frozen anyway, so I don’t even mind coming home to no water again.  Soon– and this makes me so happy just thinking about it– all of our water/ plumbing issues will be a memory we laugh about!  Can’t wait!!

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