Redesigning the Bathrooms Upstairs

Old Upstairs Layout

The current layout upstairs has been the subject of much speculation since we moved in.  Long story short, the master bathroom was awkwardly designed and not the kind of bathroom I wanted for the rest of my life.

Here are some pics of the master bathwhen we moved in:

Master Bathroom


Tub of old bathroom

Once we started tearing things apart to replace all the old galvanized steel/ copper pipes with PEX pipes, we decided to make the most of not having a floor or intact walls in our master bathroom and gut the whole thing.  In fact, we decided to not even make it the master bathroom anymore… and to make it the en suite bathroom to the adjoining bedroom, totally changing the whole layout upstairs!  The hall bathroom that serves as a guest bath for the other upstairs bedroom is adjacent to the master bathroom and we decided to (eventually) convert that into a master en suite bathroom!

Here’s a view of the soon-to-be layout upstairs:

New Upstairs LayoutWhat do you think?  Are we insane or what?  (Please don’t say we’re insane because we’ve already started and I feel like it’s too late to go back now.)  I do know one thing: this will be a very, very dusty process, because that’s the only true thing I’ve learned about renovating an older house– dust goes EVERYWHERE!

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