Renovation Progress

Thought I’d share some updates to the renovation!

We had to put in all new floor beams to support the floor.  The old ones just weren’t 100%, and why put all this money into a house if it doesn’t have a solid floor?

2016-01-20 10.49.01

Another big step was cutting a hole in the wall where the new hallway goes.  Started with a simple sharp blade…

2016-01-18 07.49.39

Just to recap: we’re moving the hallway over so that you can either go left at the landing or go straight.





There the slice is at the top of the landing:

2016-01-18 08.00.45

…And below you can see the new hallway, which the worker crew sealed off so we were less likely to have our whole house covered in dust.  They also totally did away with the old hallway entrance, which below as you can tell is now just a wall!

2016-02-14 06.27.43

Now, before you see that picture and think the construction is limited to the upstairs, allow me to show you a (very candid) glimpse of what our kitchen is like at the moment:

2016-01-28 15.58.20

All the demo and beam construction has messed up the trim in our ceiling, but that’s not very disruptive…

What’s more is the photos below: our contractor (with our blessing!) took out the huge cast iron pipe that caused us to have a little column coming out of the countertop!  (See how it looked before here and here.)  So… we’ve been living with towels stuffing up big gaps in the ceiling and countertop, haha.2016-01-28 15.57.14

Perhaps the most annoying are these beams our contractors are using to support the ceiling as they replace the beams upstairs.  At least the table fits in between but we can’t really have many chairs and a high chair around! 

2016-01-28 15.57.03

Progress is happening– and don’t get me wrong, I am so glad it is!– but I’m dying to see how it will all end up working out!  Will share more pictures soon.  🙂

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