Retaining Wall! – Part 4

Alright, the time has come to share the retaining wall in all its glory!

Here are some progress pictures that we snapped as the masons were working.

I feel like it really is a work of art.  The two men took their time and their attention to detail shows.

The new wall they’re working on is a bit lower than the high retaining wall they originally did on the other side of the driveway.  I think it makes the house look more approachable this way (plus it’s not as scary to drive your car next to when it’s lower… I feel like if it were higher I would be wary of scraping my car on the rocks as I drove by or something).

As you can see, no more brick column!  In its place they curved the rock wall to dip under the beautiful boxwood we transplanted here.

I feel like big boxwood + stones= a much more natural entrance.

Alright and… below is the FINISHED WALL!  This is how it looks at the entrance.

The main entrance of the driveway is flanked by the boxwoods on either side but they’re far apart enough that it feels roomy to me, and not like I have to squeeze my car through or anything.

I just love how these rocks fit with each other.  Literally every time I drive up to my house now I think “wow, that is nice.”  (And what a sweet feeling it is to think that every time you come home!!!!!)

The picture below is looking out away from the house toward the main entrance.  We planted (and by we, I mean I bought at the store and then David dug holes and did all the physical work) some little boxwoods that will hopefully grow beautifully into the space.

And then this is how it looks from the side of the gravel road between the two entrances of our driveway.

When you leave our house, this is the exit view:

To me, it’s a graceful exit because the wall on the right is low enough your car doesn’t feel sandwiched between the two walls, but as you continue driving and the gravel road goes downhill, the wall maintains its height and has more of a presence.

I’m really looking forward to this retaining wall “growing” as the boxwoods/ dogwoods/ etc develop around it and give it that lived-in, centuries-old look that the house deserves for an entrance.  And in the meantime, I love that my kids can form their childhood memories playing on it… what a sweet playground it makes too.  🙂

I wish everyone reading this a week full of hope, health and happiness,

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