Roof: Before and After

It’s a bit late but I thought I’d share pictures of our new roof with you!

Just to recap: before we put on a new roof, we had a very old one that leaked with broken solar panels on one side.  I wrote a previous blog post as the roofers were working.  Here’s a picture kind of showing the solar panels:

The photo below kind of shows the old gray shingles that I’m sure looked great back in the day but were definitely past their prime now.

Now here are some of the “after” photos I snapped at dusk:

DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0006

DSC_0015We are really pleased with how it turned out.  It ended up being exactly the color of metal I wanted– not totally black but a mixture of charcoal, bronze and dark brown.  I think it’s given the whole house a more lively vibe and every time I drive up I get so excited to see it!  It was an investment for sure (26 gauge steel is about twice as expensive as shingles would have been) but the 100 year warranty should cover us for as long as we live here.  :)  Just in time for winter to really start!!

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