Shelves in the Nursery

Before little Evie came, we decided we were going to add shelves to the nursery using the brackets that used to be in the doorways downstairs.

David cut and sanded four pieces of wood:



And I painted the (previously sanded by David) brackets the same turquoise blue color by CeCe Caldwell that we used for he crib, changing table, and bookshelf.

cece caldwell turquoise


Here is very pregnant me painting away!


I quickly found out that the paint itself was too thick for all the holes in the brackets and was clumping and drying too easily.

I decided to mix 2 parts paint with 1 part water in a little paper plate and use that instead.  It required two coats instead of one but at least it covered evenly and didn’t clump!



David helped me paint the shelves themselves.



After we painted everything twice, we didn’t have time to wax it all before Evie arrived.  We’re very grateful to my mom who waxed the shelves and brackets for us when she stayed with us after Evie was born.  And then– it gets even better–her husband Miles hung the shelves for us in the nursery!


Don’t they look adorable?!  We’re not done “styling” them yet if you will, but I can’t wait to add some more of the cute little gifts Evie’s received to make it more feminine!  🙂




Next up: curtains for the long curtain rod!!  Love making this nursery into a room for our little girl.


2 thoughts on “Shelves in the Nursery”

  1. That looks great and a far better use for those things than glued to doorways. I really like the blue ceiling too.

    Congratulations on the newest member of the family. It looks like you timed it all perfectly so the big jobs were all out of the way just in time for her arrival. Nothing like a little pressure to keep it all moving along when the motivation sags.

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