Here you can check out some of the things that keep us [mostly?] sane as we renovate a farmhouse built in 1850 with our daughter, son, and baby twin boys in tow:

Tools We Love

Little Tools

I’ve never actually liked using tape measures until this bad boy; who knew they could just lock??  As in, you pull the tape out and it stays!  You push the button to make it retract!!  Genius!!!
Box of Drill Bits:
I used to have to keep two boxes of bits for my drills: one for bits to create the hole and one for drivers to get the screw in.  But this box has it all!  Those annoying star screw heads (Torx): get em. Those even more annoying square screw heads: got em.  Socket wrench head: got em!
Allen wrenches (hex keys) are the bane of any parent’s existence.  It seems like every single build-it-yourself crib / toy / furniture has loads of them, and of course they are super easy to lose once you’re done with the initial build.  Enter this cheap and super handy Allen wrench set.  Trust me, it’s worth it!
Big Stuff For Inside
Probably my most used tool, I would highly recommend spending a little more on drills and drivers.  I went through a few lower end versions before I manned up with this Milwaukee set and have not been disappointed.
This Metabo (formerly Hitachi) miter saw punches way above its price range. It’s super powerful, reliable, and easy to use.  This is definitely the perfect combo for a DIYer like myself.
Air Compressor:
Much like the miter saw, this Craftsman air compressor + kit is perfect when you are an occasional user.  This comes with the hose and a bunch of accessories that make projects so much easier.
I’m generally fairly cheap and never wanted to splurge on a sander… but then I got a fixer, and it was one of the first purchases!  It is worth its weight in gold, and when you can get a DeWalt for not THAT much more than the cheap brands, definitely jump on it!
Outside Tools
My gas powered chainsaw is by far my favorite tool (although it isn’t nearly as practical as a drill).  This is on the smaller end of gas powered chainsaws, but unless you are a lumberjack, it should do the trick!  This baby has blasted through many a-tree in our yard, and it is so much fun.
After trying an electric weed eater, I knew I needed the strength of a gas powered version, and it is completely worth the money.  I couldn’t believe how much better this puppy blasts through dense weeds (*cough* which we clearly have none of *cough*) than its electric sibling.
Similar to the orbital sander, I was too cheap to buy a leaf blower… but then I got a fixer with tons of big trees, and it has been a life saver!  Sweeping the porch, driveway, sidewalks, yards, etc used to take hours, but now it’s just a few minutes (or at least it feels that way).  Plus the kids love the novelty of a power tool that’s safe for them to use!

Gardening Must-Haves

Tomato Cage:

This one is sturdy and affordable and has supported our massive tomatoes!

Starter Kit of Gardening Tools:

Has your basics… don’t know what they’re all properly called, but know in my one year of gardening I’ve used these a lot (and they’ve held up very well unlike other brands I’ve tried).

Weeder Tool:

This thing is perfection and gets out all the weeds whenever I have a moment to weed (which is not frequent let’s be honest). I feel uber productive though when I use this tool because it makes the weeds just fly out, even if the soil is dry.

Peat Moss:

Pretty sure this is the secret to supplementing Virginia clay soil, at least it works well for me. I added this to our raised garden beds as well as to the normal garden beds and it’s incredibly good at making the soil fluffy/ airy. I think I ordered 6 of these humongous bags and the best thing about ordering them on Amazon was not lugging them to/ from my car at a store.

Rose Fertilizer Spikes:

Basically takes .1 seconds to fertilize the roses using these organic spikes which is so worth it!

Cottonseed Meal:

This is boxwoods’ best friend and helps revive even the saddest looking of boxwoods! The trick is to work it into the soil around the base of the boxwood around February and then water it a ton.


Surviving Twins Necessities

Twin Nursing Pillow with Removable Cover:

I use this literally every single day, multiple times a day. It supports your back which no other nursing pillow I’ve used does, and has proven to be more useful than I would have ever imagined. If you tandem nurse your twins, this is a must.

Double Stroller for Car Seats:

Perfect for snapping in two car seats to stroll in a lightweight stroller.

Double Carrier:

Once the twins were around 5/6 months old, we started using this double baby carrier to strap one baby onto my or David’s back and the other one on our chest. We have daily walks up our gravel driveway to the mailbox with the twins in this thing and it almost always calms them down. I like how it’s balanced weight and it’s easy to take off/ on, no matter how sleep deprived you are.

Essential Oil Diffuser:

Why is this a “surviving twin necessity” you ask? If you’re into essential oils, you know how much it can impact your mood and oh my goodness taking care of twins = you need all the mood boosters you can get sometimes. We are all about diffusing various essential oils in our house (I’m not a MLM person– we use all brands) but these diffusers work really well in the nursery/ in the play room. Plus they’re a really good price.


Incredibly useful to have a safe place to put a baby down that is not a bedroom/ kitchen, such as a Dock-a-Tot on the playroom floor while you’re tending to the other baby. We used this a lot our first few months especially as we were getting used to the idea of taking care of two babies at a time.

Baby Bouncer:

This folds up to take up next to no space when it’s not in use, which is great, but what’s even better is when you do need to use it– babies love being bounced in it. Super easy to put a baby in and bounce with your foot while taking care of another baby.


All-Terrain Stroller Wagon:

If you live on a gravel road, this is fabulous. We bundled the babies up and could lay them down next to each other to take them on walks in here, and I highly recommend it for the little baby phase. Now that our babies are sitting up, we can sit them in it and they love it still. It’s just a really, really good purchase for those bumpy gravel roads.

Adorable Farmhouse Lighting

Black Wrought Iron Chandelier:

This is what we have in our family room and I think it’s so elegant/ simple and doesn’t take up too much space.

Barn Light Pendant:

This one is extremely similar (I think it’s the same one but I’m only 99% sure) to what we have hanging over our kitchen sink and it’s held up extremely well through the years. I love the matte finish and flexibility so that when it gets knocked by the errant head or basketball it just sways around instead of causing any damage.

Hanging Bell Jar Pendant:

We have this big one in our kitchen (again, 99% sure this is the same one) and I LOVE seeing it when I walk in through the front door. It adds a certain vintage gravitas that modern lighting just doesn’t have.


Other Farmhouse Decor We Love

Pom Pom Natural Curtains:

I haven’t revealed my new and improved master bedroom (mostly because it’s only 50% done) but trust me when I say these curtains are spectacular. Very cute. Very farmhousey. Also very sheer.

Jute Rugs:

We have one of these in our bedroom and one downstairs in the playroom; they are great. They look classic and they feel comfortable.


More “tried and true” things coming soon!