Stamping Our Paw Print

The little flagstone landing at the bottom of the stairs got damaged by the contractors working on the back porch and we asked them to repair it.  They agreed, but when we got home from work, we saw they had only repaired it by pouring concrete and not replacing any of the flagstone.  The stones themselves were laying right next to the wet concrete and I was not happy with how it looked… so… enter David to the rescue!  He immediately started scooping out some of the wet concrete with his bare hands to the point where a piece of stone could fit.DSC_0303

(Is that dedication or what?)DSC_0305

As the concrete was drying, David poured on a little more water so he could work with it.  To make things more complicated, I asked him to add in one more smaller piece of flagstone so the stone would go across all the steps.DSC_0307

Here he is scooping out the drying concrete with a gardening trough.






He got both stones to fit!  It started to get dark, and right as the concrete was really drying, we came up with the idea to stamp the dogs’ paw prints in the concrete to leave a little signature.  :)


Kaiser was freaked out but gave us a good stamp.

Liesl was loyal as always and did her best.




Here’s a finished look of the paw prints in dried concrete next to set flagstones!!!IMG_1659


I’ll be sure to post a final “after” photo when it’s all painted the back porch railings… which we’ve started but oh my gosh is painting a long and tedious process!!  All worth it though, right?

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