Starting the New Driveway

So apparently the very first step to redoing a driveway is to come up with plans for a new driveway.

TA DA!  I know you’re dying to see… so without further ado, here are the new plans:

We decided we’re going to keep the entrance between the two brick columns but create a separate exit to make a bigger circle.  There will be space for 2 cars to park room-ily between the house and David’s office or for 3 cars to park tightly.  And then there will be enough space for cars to park along the side so even more parking.  Yessssss.

We interviewed a few folks and decided our vision for the finished product resonated a lot with one particular gentleman named William, so we chose him to help us redo the driveway.  He seemed to share our goal of creating a classic Virginia farmhouse look plus have the knowledge necessary to grade the slope correctly away from the house.

The first thing William did was put up these silt lines, which apparently are required by Albemarle County:

Above is a picture looking from the garage toward the brick columns, and below is the opposite vantage point.

It’s not much but it’s a start! Stay tuned for progress. :)

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