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Things are moving and shaking with the kitchen!  Up above you can see pictures of the new wood cabinet base for the future farmhouse sink (and the hidden trash can with a drawer above it) and the built-in wine rack!!!  Ahh!

While our contractor/ carpenter was installing the cabinet bases, David and I started painting the inside of the existing cabinets “Russell Green” (the last of the 4 greens I was choosing from).  So far I like it, but I’ll have to see how it goes with the Capitol White on the outside of the cabinets.  I just got a small sample of it to see what it’s like in the kitchen but it might be the accent green after all.  More pictures to follow I promise!

Below are pictures with the cabinet bases installed– so now it’s up to David and me to prime the bare wood and paint Capitol White!  The fun is just getting started… I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.



(Liesl is my model dog.)


It’s coming together!


The above pic is taken from the dining room (with the pantry in the back corner)0730131929The pantry is actually a lot bigger than I anticipated– going to be able to store a lot!  Yippee!

We’re so excited!  Cross your fingers no more unwelcome surprises…

– Lynne

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