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Thank Goodness for Craigslist!

IMG_1952Our “new” stove and microwave!

We found this stove-microwave duo on Craigslist a little over a month ago.  It was advertised as both for $1,000 with buyer pick-up all the way up in Fredericksburg, Virginia (about two hours away).  We contacted the seller and asked if they would sell for $900 if we picked up the next day, and they said yes– so we took our Mitsubishi Outlander and away we drove!  We used moving straps for the first time… by the way has anyone ever used them for moving major appliances before?  Such a dream!… and somehow got the stove to fit in the back with the seats down and the microwave across my lap in the front passenger seat.

The microwave was designed to be an above-the-stove microwave but I decided I wanted to put it under the countertop.  I know our cooking habits and we rarely use the microwave, first of all.  Second of all, I didn’t want a microwave over the oven because of that gorgeous brick backsplash and hood that just oozes character.  Thirdly, I wanted to maximize counterspace and minimize lost cabinet storage.

We had to be creative to put an over-the-range microwave underneath the counters.

  • We drilled holes (lots of them) on the wood the microwave sits on.  This way it can still suck air up through the bottom, which it was designed to do.
  • We made sure the entire back of the microwave is open to increase air flow/ circulation/ ventilation.
  • We added extra room above the microwave to make sure it could still spit out air that it normally would if it were above a stovetop.  This way it can still process as its meant to!



Not bad for $900, eh?  Our fridge cost us $300 (from a work bulletin board) but I’m particularly proud of our Craigslist deal.  Can’t wait to actually cook!!


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