Tie-Backs in the Nursery


The last piece of the nursery puzzle is complete: the white eyelet curtain tie-backs!

I ordered beige bows (to match the carpet and trim on the window shades) from Etsy for $16 each.  I decided to keep the closet doors on behind the curtains– a friend gave me a tip that once Evie is a toddler, she’ll enjoy pulling things out of the closet and having doors there may help keep things where they belong!  So the curtain tie-backs are just for the changing table nook:



It’s kind of cluttered in there but like I mentioned earlier– my house has a baby in it and it’s not going to be perfect for pictures!



Evie’s restless in her crib trying to nap now or else I’d go in and take pictures of the whole nursery– but I’ll share those with you soon!

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