Tub Backsplash Tile: Check.



Here’s a recap of what’s been happening in the bathroom recently!

Below you can see the walls are up and the tub is too–


Let the tiling commence!




After a few days, the contractor’s crew had the tiles all affixed to the wall with the little spacers.DSC_0303

Looking good at this point!



Below is a close-up:DSC_0305


Here you can see that awkward nook where the toilet used to be:DSC_0308


And now we add the grout!




A close-up (complete, with the grout) really looks well done in my opinion.DSC_0365

David and I attempted to install our own kitchen backsplash at our townhouse in Alexandria and it did not turn out well at all… so we knew that for something like a bathtub tile we wanted it to be professionally done so we wouldn’t have to redo it again later. ┬áPay for it once and once only!




One step closer to being done– yippee!!DSC_0353

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